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Interview with Jerusalem Online: PKK Widely Interferes in the Affairs of other Parts

Iran Roundtable It was reported yesterday that the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) attacked the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (PDKI) Peshmerga on the border between Iraqi and Iranian Kurdistan, killing one PDKI Peshmerga member.   In an exclusive interview withRachel Avraham … Continue reading

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PDKI and PKK Abrupt Clashes Kill and Injure Several

Kurdpa: Kurdistan Workers Party, PKK guerilla fighters, attack teams of PDKI Peshmargas in Eastern Kurdistan mountainous areas. On Friday, PDKI leadership informed the media of the siege of a team of their Peshmargas in the hands of PKK fighters. Mohammad … Continue reading

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In brief, the significance of Peshmarga forces heading to Kobane

Kurds have helped each other in the past, so why is this troop movement so significant? Briefly: -Kurdish peshmarga troops from Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) of Iraq crossed Iraqi border without the authorization from the Iraqi central government or parliament. … Continue reading

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AFP: Disunity could scupper Syria Kurdish region

Baghdad (AFP) — The announcement of a new transitional authority in Syrian Kurdistan marks a key point in the ethnic group’s moves towards self-rule, but experts say disunity and war could still scupper their hopes. Tuesday’s declaration of a temporary … Continue reading

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Rebel Keeps Kurds’ Guns Close at Hand in Peace Talks With Turkey

By TIM ARANGO Published: April 11, 2013 ZARGALI, Iraq — In a safe house made of cinder blocks and surrounded by grazing goats and sheep, nestled high in the remote mountains of northern Iraq, a Kurdish fighter who has waged … Continue reading

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Competing senses of liberation, dread rule in Kurdish areas of Syria

BY DAVID ENDERS McClatchy Newspapers AMMOUDA, SYRIA — The only place in the predominantly Kurdish city of Ammouda that’s still flying the Syrian flag is the police station, but people here say it means little. “There are only two police officers, … Continue reading

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Syrian Kurd party says Turkey should not fear its rise

(Reuters) – A Kurdish party that is extending its power in northern Syria as President Bashar al-Assad battles an insurgency raging elsewhere, warned Turkey not to interfere in the region where it fears rising separatist militancy along its border. Turkey is alarmed at … Continue reading

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