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Iran counters ‘Maximum Pressure’ by reaching out to the Kurds

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The author well explains #Iran’s incentives to reach out to its Kurdish foes; however, it is not clear in this piece why the Kurdish political leaders would concede to an alleged meeting with the regime never been so desperate. I … Continue reading

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Iran’s Rojhelat Mourn the Loss of Their Leader with Public Strikes

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Following Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan’s (PDKI) call to stage a general strike across Rojhelat (Eastern Kurdistan) in Iran to commemorate the assassination of Dr. Ghassemlou, eye witnesses report of massive response to PDKI’s call.  Major Kurdish cities such as Sine … Continue reading

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Call for General Strike on 27th Anniversary of the Assassination of Dr. Ghassemlou

PDKI.ORG July 13, 2016, marks the 27th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Ghassemlou by Iranian diplomats in Vienna, Austria. PDKI has in the past called on the Kurdish people in eastern (Iranian) Kurdistan to stage general strikes to commemorate … Continue reading

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PDKI Deputy Leader: We have always been fighting against the Islamic Republic.

If we wait to see unity, a ripe situation & all met means to continue our struggle in #Rojhelat it means never #Iran pic.twitter.com/dG0cj4RHHQ — Sharif Behruz (@sharif_behruz) July 11, 2016

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UNPO Roundly Condemns Iranian Military Aggression and Shelling of Civilian Villages in Iranian and Iraqi Kurdistan

UNPO Brussels, 8 July 2016 – The Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO) strongly condemns Iran’s increasing military aggressions in Iranian and Iraqi Kurdistan. After 15 June 2016, the situation in this region has been spiralling out of control as … Continue reading

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Continued clashes between PDKI Peshmerga and IRGC Terror Group, Two Peshmergas Martyred

PDKI Following ten days of clashes in the Sawlawa region of Mariwan, clashes continued on Tuesday in the village of Boriar. Two of our brave Peshmergas, Kawa Jawanmard and Sarkawt Samadi, fought a large force of Iran’s Islamic revolutionary guards, … Continue reading

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Resurgence of terror and repression following the deal with Iran

Four improvised explosives devices (IED), containing more than 25 kilograms of TNT, had been defused at the headquarters of Komala Party of Iranian Kurdistan near Sulaimani.  Iranian agents assassinated more than 270 activists belonging to various Kurdish opposition parties inside the Southern Kurdistan Region between … Continue reading

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Kurdish Political Parties in Canada Voice Their Concern over Khomeini’s Memorial in Toronto

Kurdpa: PDKI and Komala representations in Canada call for the annulment of Khomeini’s memorial event in Toronto. Following the Toronto Muslim Community’s decision to hold an event for the Islamic Republic of Iran’s founder, Ayatollah Mousavi Khomeini on Sunday May … Continue reading

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Tensions and Unrest in Shino, One Dead and Two Injured

Kurdpa: As a result of a shooting by Iranian security forces around Shino (Oshnawieh), several Kurds were killed and injured. Kurdpa has learned that on May 28 one Kurd was shot dead and another severely injured by armed forces. Kurdistan … Continue reading

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Interview with Jerusalem Online: PKK Widely Interferes in the Affairs of other Parts

Iran Roundtable It was reported yesterday that the Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) attacked the Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran (PDKI) Peshmerga on the border between Iraqi and Iranian Kurdistan, killing one PDKI Peshmerga member.   In an exclusive interview withRachel Avraham … Continue reading

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PDKI and PKK Abrupt Clashes Kill and Injure Several

Kurdpa: Kurdistan Workers Party, PKK guerilla fighters, attack teams of PDKI Peshmargas in Eastern Kurdistan mountainous areas. On Friday, PDKI leadership informed the media of the siege of a team of their Peshmargas in the hands of PKK fighters. Mohammad … Continue reading

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Three IRGC Guards Killed, Two Injured, Ten Arrested

Kurdpa: Latest border unrests in Wurme (Orumieh) Province have led to the deaths and arrests of a dozen IRGC members. Kurdpa has learned that the corpses of three IRGC members were transferred to Shino city from Kelashin mountain range. One … Continue reading

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TEV-DEM and ENKS from Rojava visited PDKI

from pdki.org On October 26, a joint delegation representing TEV-DEM and ENKS from Syrian Kurdistan visited the PDKI’s headquarters to discuss recent progress made with respect to Kurdish unity. PDKI’s leader Mustafa Hijri received the delegation. Mr. Hijri praised their … Continue reading

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PDKI and Komala reject claims of having negotiated with Iran

By pdki.org On October 7, 2014, Iranian intelligence minister Mahmoud Alawi appeared before the parliament and claimed that his ministry had negotiated with the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI) and Komala. PDKI and Komala immediately issued a statement, describing … Continue reading

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PDKI statement on the humanitarian crisis in Kobani

Source In a statement on the unfolding humanitarian crisis in Kobani in western (Syrian) Kurdistan following a recent offensive by the Islamic State (IS), the PDKI calls on neighboring states to open their borders for the thousands of Kurds who … Continue reading

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