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At Last, Change of Course, in Midst of Setback

This commentary first appeared in Iran Roundtable and was prepared to add some more insight to a short interview with BBC World Service Newsday Program.  Below is also the interview: The first death in action of an American soldier in … Continue reading

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Human Rights Organizations Condemn the Destruction of Sunni only Place of Worship in Tehran

The government of the IRI has been in place for over three decades, but Sunni citizens still have no mosques in Tehran in which to worship. A few days before the attack, Rouhani stated that “Sunni and Shiite are all … Continue reading

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In Pictures: Meeting with the Canadian Defence Minister, Mr. Jason Kenney

On March 20, 2015, at the request of the Office of Canada’s Defence Ministry, a delegation of Canadian Kurds from all parts of Kurdistan met the Minister, Mr. Jason Kenney. At the meeting, the Member of Parliament  for Mississauga-Streetsville, Mr. Brad … Continue reading

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Sunni Muslims’ Tale of Grievances in Iran

Sharif Behruz for BasNews published on 22.01.2015 The Municipal authorities of Iran’s capital city, Tehran, closed and sealed off the only prayer house – not a mosque – for Sunni Muslims in Tehran, Kurdpa News Agency reported. The Municipality acted on the … Continue reading

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With Kobnane on the verge, US dual-track policy is imminent

This resourceful depiction by Foreign Policy online magazine is by far the best in its kind in exploring the political dynamics and landscape in Syria’s Kurdistan and the US involvement with the actors in the region. As the Islamic State terrorists … Continue reading

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