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Prostitution, a growing trend in Kurdish areas, lack of mismanagement and leadership to be blamed

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-Prostitution, addiction and other social problems have always been on the rise ever since this regime and the ones before it took control of our land. Occupiers and the Iranian oppressors are the sins of Kurdish society in Eastern Kurdistan. … Continue reading

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Iran hangs another Kurdish political prisoner in August

Behrouz Alkhani’s execution order was carried out early Wednesday morning, August 26 in the central prison of Wurme, where he was held. On August 9, Sirwan Nejavi, another Kurdish political prisoner was executed in Tabriz Prison following three years of … Continue reading

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Acid Attack on Women in Eastern Kurdistan

So far, four women have fallen victim to vicious acid attacks by religious zealots and morality plain clothes agents in Kurdistan. Clerics and security officials often publicly call for stricter enforcement measures to restrict inappropriately worn headscarves by women, which … Continue reading

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June 12, World Day Against Child Labour: Child Labor in Iran, Report

This report was originally published in May 31, 2014 about the state of Child Labor in Iran.  This is a snapshot of the state of child labor in Iran; however, the situation of children in the Kurdish areas of Iran … Continue reading

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CNN Travel: Hills, hairpins, harmonies: On the road in Iranian Kurdistan

A British photographer’s adventure into the heart of Kurdistan in Iran.  Adam Chidell’s piece is published on CNN’s Travel Section. (CNN)“Yavash, yavash,” the small, gray-haired doctor says, leaning across from the passenger seat to put a hand on his friend’s … Continue reading

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Kurdish Canadians on hunger strike in front of CBC headquarters in Vancouver

A group of Kurdish-Canadian activists in Vancouver BC have started protesting in front of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) main office to attract media attention to the plight of 29 Kurdish political prisoners on hunger strike for more than a month in … Continue reading

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Kurds’ vulnerability: a divided Peshmarga force

By RANJ ALAALDINDEC. 16, 2014 for the New York Times LONDON — In August, Iraq’s Kurds faced their most serious threat since the Baath Party’s massacres and genocide of the 1980s. The Islamic State came within 30 kilometers of Erbil, … Continue reading

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MSNBC: Kobani, the little city that stood up to ISIS

Richard Engel, NBC News chief foreign correspondent, outlines the features of the fight against ISIS in the closely watched battleground city of Kobani in Syria, where local Kurdish men and women fight the well-supplied “Islamic State.”  

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Religious minorities under threat in the Middle East: Yazidi Leaders Seek Help Against ISIS

A delegation of top Yazidi religious and cultural leaders came to the US this week (October 24-31) seeking help for their community in Iraq, which has been devastated by ISIS extremists. ISIS considers the ancient religious minority to be pagan. … Continue reading

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U.S. Strikes Follow Plea by Syrian Opposition Leader on Behalf of Kurds

Abdul Hakim Bachar, the vice president of the Syrian opposition coalition and an ethnic Kurd, said that the Islamic State appeared to have attacked vulnerable Kurds in northern Syria in retaliation for earlier American airstrikes aimed at protecting Erbil, the … Continue reading

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Iranians Debate Combating ISIL & Defending Kurds/ Kurdish Women

The urgent need to combat the onslaught of the Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL), and the fact that the Kurds are being seen as a democratic bulwark against ISIL, has led to some important debates among Iranians. These … Continue reading

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PDKI statement on the humanitarian crisis in Kobani

Source In a statement on the unfolding humanitarian crisis in Kobani in western (Syrian) Kurdistan following a recent offensive by the Islamic State (IS), the PDKI calls on neighboring states to open their borders for the thousands of Kurds who … Continue reading

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Never too late, BUT…

Post by Sharif Behruz.

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14-year-old Yezidi Kurdish girl’s ordeal in the hands of ISIS terrorists

How 14-year-old girl escaped from ISIS after she was kidnapped and given as a gift to Islamist fighter Mohammed A. Salih, Washington Post | September 11, 2014 This is the story told to me by a 14-year-old Yazidi girl I’ll … Continue reading

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Iran’s Kurdish leader: Iraq’s crisis, an extension of Iran’s destructive policies

In an interview with the Kurdish weekly Levin, Kurdish leader and PDKI Secretary-General Mustafa Hijri addressed recent political developments in Iraq and, in particular, the question of independence for South (Iraqi) Kurdistan. According to Mr. Hijri, the unfolding crisis in … Continue reading

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