TISHK TV's Satellite feed jammed on Hot Bird 6


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July 12, 2011 (pdki.org) The authorities in Iran have electronically jammed the Kurdish language television TISHK TV over its coverage of the planned mass strike for July 13, 2011 in the Kurdish areas of Iran.

The general strike was called by Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan, a party whose leader was assassinated 22 years ago by the mercenaries of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Vienna, Austria.

The interference began on Tuesday morning after TISHK TV showed extensive rolling news coverage and programs from the preparations for the mass strike.

The station which broadcasts from Paris into Iran and other Kurdish areas in the Middle East on Hot Bird 6, owned by Eutelsat primarily in Kurdish and Persian with weekly programming in Arabic and Baluchi.

“A signal stronger than what Eutelsat has been relaying to Hot Bird 6 is being streamed from ground into this frequency and this has caused halt in TISHK TV’s broadcast.” TISHK TV administrators said in a release quoting Globecast officials.

“Starting this morning, the telephone lines of the station have also been made busy with an anonyms Farsi tone,” the statement further added. Apparently an automated device is being programmed to call the main numbers every 30 seconds to keep the lines busy. Similar telephone line jamming has also affected the phone lines of the Office of Public Relations of Democratic Party in Iranian Kurdistan in Paris as well.

The Party also released a statement condemning such measures and referred to these acts as “desperate measures” against the civil disobedience movement and urged people in Iranian Kurdistan to continue with their determination to stage mass strikes despite the regime’s attempts to deny them access to information.

“Following the call by the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan for mass strike in Iranian Kurdistan on July 13, the 22nd anniversary of Dr. Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou’s assassination aimed at expressing abhorrence at Iranian regime’s state-terrorism, and at the same paying tribute to his memory, the regime of Islamic Republic fully aware of the will of the people of Iranian Kurdistan to welcome this call, has embarked on a series of vicious acts to prevent this mass strike being staged.” The PDKI statement said.

The statement highlights the acts as follow: transferring even increasing number of security, anti-riot forces into the Kurdish cities; confiscating satellite dishes from rooftops in cities and country side; summoning shop owners to the intelligence ministry to warn them not to close down their shops on Wednesday; jamming the broadcasting of TISHK TV to prevent the broadcasting of its programs into Iran; creating interference for TISHK TV’s telephone lines and also hacking the station’s site to also impede the live streaming as well and as well as congesting the telephone and fax lines of the Office of Public Relations of Democratic Party in Iranian Kurdistan in Paris as well.

This interference has also affected BBC Persian’s broadcast on similar frequency. BBC Persian Service was also jammed back in February and “Satellite technicians have traced that interference and have confirmed it is coming from Iran.” Reuters reported.

Reliable report and eye-witnesses had confirmed that similar strikes have been staged in the past on this occasion and also in May 2010 to protest the hanging of five activists – four ethnic Kurds and one Persian – prompting the regime to prevent the repeat of successful past strikes.

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