PDKI condemns Iraqi forces raid of Camp Ashraf


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April 8, 2011 – Iraqi security forces in bulldozers and Humvees barreled into a camp that is home to an Iranian opposition group early Friday, sources reported.

The details of what happened were in dispute, with Iraqi security forces saying three people were killed after residents hurled stones at soldiers, and a camp spokesman saying at least 31 people were killed in an unprovoked attack intended to harass them into leaving, Washington Post reported.

Traveling to Erbil, the capital city of Iraq’s Kurdistan region, Gates said U.S. officials were monitoring reports of the clash from “nearby” and are “very concerned with reports of deaths.”  He stated “I urge the Iraqi government to show restraint and live up to their commitments to treat the residents of Ashraf in accordance with Iraqi law and their international obligations,”.

The Political Bureau of Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan condemned the raid on the Camp belonging to the Peoples’ Mojahidin and expressed solidarity with the residents of the camp: The Political Bureau of PDKI considers this raid by the Iraqi army in apparent violation of human rights and condemns it.  In the meantime, along with expressing solidarity with the Peoples’ Mojahidin of Iran, we convey our condolences to the families of the victims of this unjustified act.

The statement also appealed to international humanitarian organization in particular the United Nations to take necessary measures to end such acts by the Iraqi army and safeguard the lives of the inhabitants of the Camp.

In a similar raid in July 28, 2010 that left scores dead and injured in the Camp, PDKI in a statement condemned the act: Kurdistan Democratic Party of Iran considers the Iraqi Army’s actions in this regard unjust, inexcusable and uncalled for and appeals to the United Nations and organization defending the rights of peoples and refugees and the coalition forces in particular to raise their concerns and take necessary measures to prevent such unwarranted operations in the future.


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