Iranian Regime’s Marandi takes on CNN’s Parker-Spitzer


A brief biography on the so called Prof. Marandi from Tehran University and an interview followed posted on PBS’s Tehran Bureau.

What is so upsetting about this Professor? is the fact that the regime has shunned all the credible international media from having presence in Iran while this so-called professor appears on all those same channels Iranian regime has shut its doors to.

In this interview he defends the existence of democracy in Mullah’s Iran by referring to the existence of hand-picked parliamentarians and government run newspapers who he claims criticise Ahmadinejad.  To set the record straight: Ahamdinejad is a pawn and so was Khatami, Mousavi and Karoubi and countless others who at one point in time were regime officials, but now are either behind bars or face persecution.  In clerical Iran, the red line are not hand-picked institutions, rather it is the behind-the-sense system, run by the revolutionary guards and Khamanieh that breaths on this sham institutions and individuals.

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