Another Kurdish political prisoners was executed in Orumieh prison


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January 27, 2011 ( Kurdish political prisoner Farhad Tarom, from the village of “Lavark” of the Dashtabel district of Oshnavieh city in West Azerbijan province in North-western Iran was executed on Wednesday, January 27, 2011 in the Orumieh central prison charged with association and membership in Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan.

Kurdistan News Agency while announcing this execution added: Farhad Tarom had been residing in Iraqi Kurdistan from 2005 to 2008. In 2008, he returned to Iran, and he was arrested by the intelligence agents of the regime a month following his return and was transferred to the intelligence ministry’s detention center in Orumieh.  Following months of arrest, in an unfair ruling by the Islamic Revolutionary Court in the Orumieh city, he was sentenced to be hanged alleged with being a member of Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan.

When people of Dashtabel district in Oshnavieh and the city of Orumieh overheard the execution of Farhad, they gathered in front of the Central Prison in Orumieh and chanted slogans against the tyrannical regime of the supreme leader, and demanded that Farhad Tarom’s body to be returned to his family. However, the regime’s forces attacked the protesters, and the swift response from the protesters resulted in the retreat of the security forces.  The protestors then stormed the prison building and smashed windows of the prison building.

Following this encounter, security forces of the regime arrested 10 members of Farhad’s family which resulted in further resentment by the angry protesters. The regime’s forces finally gave in to the demands of the demonstrators and released Farhad’s dead corpse to a group of relatives.  The fumed demonstrators warned the security forces and prison guards that they will not disperse unless the rest of the detainees were released.

Names of those arrested are: Turan Mother Farhad Tarom, Farhad’s spouse Zeinab, Farhad’s sister-in-law Rana, Salha Tarom Farhad’s cousin, his brother Fakhraddin Tarom, Latif Tarom Farhad’s cousin, Golbayaz Tarom, Bahadin Khandehpour, Saifadin Khandehpour and Shahram khandehpour.

There has been a surge of execution of political prisoners in Iran.  In 2011 alone, there have been several executions of political prisoners carried out in Iran.

Hussein Khizri, a Kurdish political prisoner was hanged in Orumieh prison on January 15, 2011.  The authorities have yet to publicly announce his execution.

Another Kurdish political prisoner, Habibollah Latifi, was set to be executed in the city of Sanandaj; however his execution was temporarily halted due to domestic and international outrage.

There are currently dozens of Kurdish political prisoners on death row, and 5 political prisoners,  four of them Kurds were executed in Evin prison in Tehran in May 9th 2010.

Human Rights Watch reported yestrerday January 26, 2011 that “early 2011 highlights a deepening of the human rights crisis” in Iran in issuing its World Report 2011 Iran chapter.

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