Report of the Canadian Parliament’s Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs and International Development


In the summer of 2009, Canadians and the rest of the international community looked on with concern and a sense of déjà vu as Iranian security forces cracked down on protestors in the wake of that country‘s June 12 presidential election. In many respects, this development was another high profile example of the Iranian authorities‘ poor record with respect to human rights. The events surrounding the contested election also offered a rare glimpse of the internal tensions present inside the country. In September, veteran Canadian diplomat Jeremy Kinsman commented on these tensions, remarking that: ―The Iranian drama this summer has been simultaneously inspiring, depressing, illuminating and humbling. Iran is front and centre.‖1 While Subcommittee Members and all Canadians hope that these events will eventually lead to positive changes for Iranian society over the long-term, at present there continue to be serious abuses within the country and the Iranian regime continues to pursue policies which are dangerous and, in some cases destabilising and illegal. Illegal policies include the regime‘s pursuit of nuclear weapons and its state-sanctioned incitement to genocide. All of these issues will be addressed in the body of this report. 

The whole report composed of 108 pages consists excerpts of 16 testimonies made before the Parliament committees can be found here(you need Adobe Acrobat Reader to be able to view this PDF file type). 

Excerpts of my testimony before the Subcommittee of International Human Rights can be found on pages 30-32 of this report in sections dealing with religious and ethnic minorities.

I personally thank the initiative taken by the honourable members of Canadian Parliament, especially the members of the two Committees who patiently listened to all the testimonies, of which the result is this comprehensive report on Iran’s appalling human rights conditions.

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