Conference on Iran Titled "Devolved Power, Federalism …?" Was Held in Finland


22 Nov 2010 (Medya News) According to Kurdistan News Agency the conference titled “Devolved Power, Federalism …?” ended following nine separate sessions.

Association des Chercheurs Iraniens (ACI) or Association of Iranian Intellectuals convened its forty eighth conference under the title “Devolved Power, Federalism …?” on Thursday November 19th in Finland. This conference was co-sponsored and hosted by the Scandinavian Art and Business Institute in Finland. The aim of the conference, as advertised on the ACI’s website, was “to discuss and look into as many different aspects of the chosen topics in an unbiased and scholarly manner.”

More than 30 papers were presented from politicians and representatives of opposition parties and organizations on various issues and decentralized power, federalism, the issue of human rights and democracy in Iran was discussed.

The Chair of Scandinavian Art and Business Institute in Finland Dr. Adnan Parsa presented his opening remarks on Thursday. The conference centered around “Iran’s current difficult political situation and violations of human rights” continued its work. During the second day of the conference several separate themes “Identifying use of language and phrases”, “Role and place of common, official languages and mother tongue” and “Devolved power, federalism …?” were discussed.

Hosein Lajavardi, the Chair of the ACI claimed: “our hope was that this conference can be a foundation for a decentralized and democratic governance, according to historical circumstances, cultural and social climate – that fits the political present and future of Iran.”

Majid Hakki of Kurdistan Democratic Party Iran presented an article entitled “Multinational federalism, a step toward peace and equality among Iranian nationalities,”.

Dr. Ziadin Sadr Ashrafi, Congress of Nationalities for Federal Iran spokesperson also took part in discussions and presented a piece on behalf of the Congress.

ACI’s conference announcement also stated “Centralized policies and governing systems have inflicted serious pressures on Iranians living in different parts of Iran for far too long. Mindful of safeguarding Iran’s territorial integrity, there is an urgent need to find a suitable form of governance that would resolve the present issues and grievances of all Iranians. – The many studies undertaken by the ACI indicate that the future style of governance should be based on some form of devolved power. ACI proposes that unless equality and democracy are established first no sustainable change could be realised. “

So far many conferences and seminars have been organized on the issue of federalism for Iran by prominent centres and organization, wehere the last one was held in the Italian Parliament.

Many analysts believe a federal structure is the best form of government in multi-national Iran to accommodate the demands of the national groups who have been long denied of their rightful political rights.

Persians as the dominant national group within Iran that oppose a decentralized Iran.  Some argue that federalism will lead to disintegration, while supporters of federalism, mainly deprived nationalities, believe that the Persians’ concern emanates from the loosening of their grip to power and influence in a federal structure rather than the territorial integrity of Iran.

Source: Medya News

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