Attacks in Kurdistan Are Government Orchestrated, Analysts Believe


8 October 2010 (Medya News) Following the deadly raid on a security convey in the Kurdish city of Sanandaj in western Iran which killed 5 and injured many more, the revolutionary guards have once again, apparently, killed the perpetrators of the attack without reference to their identity or origin.

“Two of the main elements of the Sanandaj terrorist incident were killed during a chase by security forces,” state television, said without giving a source or indicating when the two were killed, AFP reported.

The government has blamed “anti-revolutionary” elements for attack in Sanandaj and Mahabad, yesterday and in September respectively.

The term “anti-revolutionary” is used to describe groups opposed to the government and it includes Iranian Kurdish armed groups as well.

So far no Kurdish group has claimed responsibility for the attacks and the regime’s security establishment has not blamed any particular group either.

However, many outside Iran point to Iran’s security and intelligence apparatus for creating chaos and instability in the country.  Alireza Nourizadeh, a political analyst for Iran and the region asserted that “Certainly, from the look of it, it is evident that the events in Mahabad and Sanadaj are the work of the regime elements, particularly the IRGC intelligence unit.” appearing in VOA Farsi’s popular “new analysis” program.

Nourizadhe believes that the government is planning to bring about a security paradigm and atmosphere in Iranian Kurdistan as it did in the early years of revolution.

On the other hand, following many news reports from the state-run media in regards to the escape of the perpetrators of the acts to other side of the border, various Iranian officials have contemplated pressuring the Iraqi Kurds for the presence of various Kurdish opposition groups on their terretory.

“Officials should hold talks with neighboring countries in a bid to destroy anti-Iranian terrorist cells who have found safe havens over the border,” member of the parliament’s National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Heshmatollah Falahatpisheh said.

The regime would like to use these acts, that are in fact been done by its own elements, to pressure the Iraqi government in particular the Kurdish administration in Iraq to exert pressure on the opposition groups sheltered in Iraqi Kurdistan to stop anti-government activities from the other side of the borders.

Source:  Medya News

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