This is my home, Oh Canada! Happy Canada Day!


This picture was taken in July 1st, 2003 celebrations in Canada's capital, Ottawa.

As one of the Millions of people who have come to call this place a home, I take the moment to cherish this July 1st, Canada Day, as a proud Kurdish Canadian.

As Canadians from all strides celebrate this historic day in our Canadian history, people, like me and my family and countless others, who have come here to start a new beginning, value this country and its day with a stronger conviction; this country not only has offered us, a fresh beginning, new opportunities, but also a peaceful home where we are as Canadian as those who have first settled here half a millennium ago.  We enjoy all the rights and freedoms that we could never realize in our wild imagination in our home country.

It took only four years for me to enjoy all the rights and freedoms of this strange and new country, while on the other side our people are strangers on their own land, a land that has been theirs as far as history can recall.  The Kurds in general and the Kurds of Iran in particular, where I am from, have been deprived of all the privileges that we have been endowed with here in this country, Canada.

May peace be upon the beloved people of Kurdistan and our country Iran, and may Gob bless our country, great Canada.

This is my home, Oh Canada!

Happy Canada Day!

Sharif Behruz

July 1st, 2010

London, Ontario, Canada

To me every day is Canada day, however, on July 1st, I make sure it is well apparent!

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