Foreign Policy: Iran's Kurdish Question


“No dictatorship can last forever,” he went on. “There was a time when the demise of the Baath regime seemed impossible. … I am sure that there will be a day when the Iranian people will be free of dictatorship and achieve liberty.”


Two days after the hanging of five Iranian Kurds in Tehran, protesters gathered across the Iraqi border in the Kurdish city of Suleymanieh. Thousands of them crowded into the city’s leafy Freedom Park, where Javad Alizadeh, a well-known former political prisoner in Iran who had recently left for Iraqi Kurdistan, addressed the gathering. The Iranian regime “follows neither the principles of republicanism, nor does it abide by holy laws of Islam,” Alizadeh declared. “The Islamic Republic has shown in the past 30 years that it only cares about its own survival and it will not abstain from committing the vilest of acts in achieving its goal.”

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