Iranian Kurds Mourned Their Death With a Day on Strike


To Protest the death of 5 political prisoners of which 4 were Kurdish political prisoners, Iranian Kurds went on strike on a coordinated campaign by exiled Kurdish opposition political parties.

By: Sharif Behruz

According to reliable sources and images received the cities in Iranian Kurdistan among them Sanandaj and Orumieh two of the biggest cities in Iranian Kurdistan were on a complete strike, and people refrained from opening their shops and the streets were deserted.

New York Times’s Nazila Fathi reported: Nearly all the shops were closed in Sanandaj, the capital of Kurdistan Province, said a witness who spoke on the condition of anonymity for fear of being arrested. “The city is deserted,” he said. “People have stayed home and the entire bazaar is closed.”

Fox News also reported : “It is not clear whether the strikes in Kurdish cities will spark similar action elsewhere in Iran. What is clear to Iran-watchers is that this is a quiet, yet very obvious form of protest.”

Los Angles Times also reported protest in many countries in front of the clerical regime’s embassies to protest the executions: Iranian Kurds were reported to be staging large general strikes in Kurdish cities on Thursday while protests outside the Iranian embassies in the Danish and Swedish capitals spiraled out of control.

Mustafa Hijri, the Secretary-general of Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI) thanked the people of Iranian Kurdistan in his televised speech following the successful strike and stated “The international community should realize that the Islamic regime in Iran, despite all the deception and bluff, is immobilized and weak against the will of the Kurdish nation and the rest of Iranian nationalities.”

Tishk TV, one of a handful of Iranian Kurdish satellite stations beaming into Iran from Europe had a two day live coverage with open phone lines for people from the area to report on the situation on the ground.

Despite heavy security measures by the regime, the clanstine members of the PDKI inside Iran gave us, outside Iran, the opportunity to witness the strike in most of the cities first hand.

Orumieh, the capital city of West Azerbijan

Sanandaj, capital city of Kurdistan Province:

Imgaes from Mahabad:

Images from Bokan:

Images from Kamyaran (Farzad Kamangar’s Home Town):

Images from Paweh


Images from Sardasht:

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