Kurdish Political Parties Call for a General Strike in Kurdistan


12 May 2010 – Medya News – All of the different Kurdish political parties have called for a general strike in Iranian Kurdistan tomorrow, 13 of May 2009, to condemn the recent execution of five political prisoner, of which four were Kurds.  
The PDKI writes in a statement that Farzad Kamangar, Shirin Alemholi, Ferhad Wekili and Ali Heiderians only crime was that they were Kurds who did not give up their determination to struggle for the rights of their nation. They were four amongst thousands of individuals whose hearts were filled with a desire for freedom who have lost their lives in the prisons of the Islamic Republic.

There are still thousands of freedom-seeking activists that face torture and death in the prisons of the Islamic republic. If people only act as witnesses to the killings and oppression of our people without doing anything about all of the injustice, violence and oppression facing our nation, the regime will be able to continue to oppress our people with impunity.

That is why we are calling upon the Kurdish people to show their contempt with the Islamic Republics execution of these four youths by staging a general strike in Kurdistan. […] In this way we can show the families of the martyrs that their freedom-loving children are all sons and daughters of the Kurdish nation and at the same time show our contempt with the Islamic Republic.

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