Iran’s Rojhelat Mourn the Loss of Their Leader with Public Strikes


Following Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan’s (PDKI) call to stage a general strike across Rojhelat (Eastern Kurdistan) in Iran to commemorate the assassination of Dr. Ghassemlou, eye witnesses report of massive response to PDKI’s call.  Major Kurdish cities such as Sine (Sanandaj), Kamyaran, Bokan,  Mahabad, Saqiz, Paweh, Kirmashan (Kermanshah), Mariwan, Bana, Diwandare, Sardasht, Sirwabad, Naqade, Shino (Oshnawiesh), Piranshar and Wurme (Orumieh) were in relative calm with majority of the shops remaining closed for the day and people refraining from outdoors.

The PDKI has asked the public, members and supporters across Iranian Kurdistan to mark the 27th anniversary of their leader’s death by public strikes and civil disobedience.

The PDKI says in a statement on the party website that people must “turn the anniversary of the cowardly assassination of our heroic leader into a day of universal goals and renewed pledge to our martyrs,”

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Rudaw: PDKI calls for public strike in Iranian Kurdistan on leader’s assassination day, PDKI’s Official website claims that security officials have made preparations to prevent shop owners from answering to PDKI’s call.  In the past many licences were suspended or revoked for shops that remained closed for this day.  Similarly, security agents broke the locks on many shop doors.

The internet  services were also interrupted for the day in almost all the Kurdish areas.  In spite of threats and pressure from Iranian paramilitary forces, the Kurdish people heeded PDKI’s call in a majority of the cities and towns in Rojhelat.

July 13, 2016, marks the 27th anniversary of the assassination of Dr. Ghassemlou by Iranian diplomats in Vienna, Austria.

PDKI has in the past called on the Kurdish people in eastern (Iranian) Kurdistan to stage general strikes to commemorate the assassination of Dr. Ghassemlou. This year, PDKI called for a general strike against the backdrop of the party’s new strategy of interlocking the struggle of our Peshmerga Forces in the mountains with the struggle of the Kurdish people in the cities.

We ask people, says the PDKI statement, “to adorn public places with signs of the party and our just struggle such as the Kurdish flag and pictures of our martyrs,”

The message goes on to say that such a wide scale protest “needs the active participation of all classes of Kurdistan society and their solidarity with Dr. Ghassemlou and our martyrs,”

The PDKI tries, as the leadership has laid out in it plans within the last year, to link its armed struggle (struggle in the mountain) with the city’s struggle such as staging civil disobedience, ie public strikes.

Every year, on the day of his assassination, the people of Iranian Kurdistan condemn this terrorist act by closing shops and markets and staying home. The Iranian regime authorities have levied heavy fines on shop-owners and punished them and others for commemorating Dr. Ghassemlou’s death.

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