While Iran spends on nukes, people complain of lack of medical resources


Kurdpa: Recently the medical facilities in the city of Sardasht in Wurme (Wast Azarbijan) Province have been experiencing shortages in medical supplies, especially for pregnant woman.

Patients have turned to nearby cities for treatment as hospital officials in their hometown have refused admission.

According to the relatives of the affected patients, who spoke to Kurdpa on the conditions of anonymity, claim that patients who are admitted are neglected or treated irresponsibly by hospital staff.

Such medical supply shortages have resulted in the deaths of several patients in the city.

Recently 35-year-old Ismat, a pregnant woman, lost her life in the city’s hospital. She died while the fetus was deceased in her womb.

Residents have long complained of shortages in medical services and supplies.

“The hospital in Sardasht does not honor our medical insurance card, forcing us to pay high prices for medical treatment and medications”, said a resident.

Many Kurdish cities with large populations lack proper medical facilities and equipment, forcing patients to go undergo long trips to cities outside Kurdish regions to receive medical treatments.

Sluggish paramedic and emergency responses in Iran in general, and in the Kurdish areas in particular, have resulted in high number of deaths that could have been prevented.

Writing by Kurdpa Staff Writers and editing by Sharmin Hassaniani.


Source: http://www.kurdpa.net/english/more/65958

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