Khomeini’s Anniversary Stirs Outcry in Canada


Kurdpa: Khomeini’s Anniversary in Toronto is greeted with opposition from Iranian and Canadian politicians, activists and communities.

The Muslim community in the GTA, Canada has decided to hold an event for the Islamic Republic of Iran’s founder, Ayatollah Mousavi Khomeini on Sunday May 31, 2015.

Politicians and organizations were quick to react to the holding of such an event. Canada’s Defence Minister, MP Jason Kenney, expressed his dismay on Facebook, “Disturbing to see anyone in Canada celebrating the murderous depravity of Ayatollah Khomeini’s brutal dictatorship”.

Richmond Hill MPP Reza Moridi, Ontario’s Minister of Training, Colleges and Universities, also expressed his apathy with the event and its organizers in an email statement obtained by Kurdpa.

“It is absolutely ridiculous, absurd and disgusting that the event organizer at this Islamic Centre, equates Khomeini with such world renowned human beings as Gandhi and Martin Luther King! This is an insult to the wisdom and intelligence of billions of people on this planet and in particular to hundreds of thousands of Iranian-Canadians,” the Minister stated in his statement.

He called on his supporters and the Iranian community to join him in the protest held on the same day and time of the planned event.

Similar outcry was also evident across the Iranian Canadian community across the social media, “What is next? Celebrating Hitler’s Birthday?!” read another Facebook post by human rights activist Fakhteh Luna Zamani.

In a petition addressed to all major Canadian political parties, Iranian-Canadians also expressed their opposition to the event.

“[As a] group of responsible members of Canada’s sizeable Iranian Canadian community ,we are writing to express our outrage and revulsion with Islamic Society of York Region’s decision to hold a celebration on May 31, 2015 in honour of Ayatollah Khomeini”, a part of the petition read.

Mousavi Khomeini was an Iranian cleric who founded of the Islamic Republic of Iran as the first Islamic government in the modern age after the 1979 Iranian Revolution, which saw the overthrow of the Pahlavi monarchy and Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.

Following the revolution, Khomeini became the country’s Supreme Leader, a position created in the constitution of the Islamic Republic as the highest-ranking political and religious authority of the nation, which he held until his death.

As the top regime leader he is believed to be responsible for the killing, execution, torture, disappearance, rape, and imprisonment of tens of thousands of Iranians.

He died on June 3, 1989.

Writing by Kurdpa Staff Writers and editing by Sharmin Hassaniani.

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