Defiance to Iran's Theocracy Continues in Iranian Kurdistan


In March 1947 Qazi Muhammad, the President of short-lived Kurdistan Republic and two of his cabinet members and relatives Saif Qazi and Sadri Qazi were publicly hanged in Mehabad’s main square where the Republic was first proclaimed in the January of 1946.  Eleven others were hanged in Saqiz among other cities by the monarchist regime of Mohammad Reza Shah Pahlavi. 

Under the guidance of Dr. A. R. Ghassemlou, then the Secretary-general of Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI), the party that Qazi Muhammad once led,  dedicated this day of mourning to pay tribute to this great Kurdish leader and the countless martyrs of Kurdistan.

Ever since, the ranks of PDKI around the globe and the Kurdish people in Iran commemorate this tragic day(PDKI leadership commomorates 10y Khalalewa at PDKI headquarters in Iraqi Kurdistan, photo gallery).  This sorrow day in the history of our nation was also remembered in Norway, Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark and else where around the globe and in Kurdistan.

What is remarkable on this day is that the Kurds in Iran strive to keep alive the flames of the movement that Qazi Muhammad once led under one of the most barbaric regime on the face of the earth, the regime of the Islamic Republic. 

Although any remembrance and memorials that resembles Kurdish history, national struggle and heritage are strictly prohibited and will result in heavy punishments, if not death, the brave people of Iranian Kurdistan engage in clandestine activities to honour the martyrs of March 1947 (photo gallery).

In this video, this unknown clandestine member of PDKI in the city of Bokan in Iranian Kurdistan paints a large writing on a wall that reads “The best way to tribute our martyrs is to continue their path.”

Slogans similar to these are widespread in every alley, street and landmark in every village, town and major cities of Iranian Kurdistan on every occasion, be it the establishment of the Kurdistan Republic, Newroz, 10y Khakalewa, Dr. Ghassemlou’s assasination, PDKI establishment, Dr. Sharafkandi’s assasination and so on and so forth…

The Kurds of Iran have always proven that they are ardent opponents of this theocratic regime and they remain to be the dominant factor in bringining about the demise of this regime and the establishment of an over-arching democratic and federal structure in Iran.

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