In Pictures: At the Conference of Armenian Genocide


March 20, 2015: At the Conference on Genocide ‘Prevention to Justice’ organized by the Armenian Genocide Centennial and Armenian National Committee of Canada at University of Toronto.

Honored to be here, however, disgusted by the presence of so-called Yeizidi representative from ‘Yezidi Yezidi Human Rights Organization-International‘ as a guest speaker who falsely claimed Kurds are committing genocide against the Yeizidi Kurds.  Such fabricated claims come as Kurds from all backgrounds are sacrificing their lives to defend the Yeizidi community against the threat of ISIS.

As a Kurd, I apologize for any roles the choice-less Kurds might have played in the genocide committed by the Ottaman Turks against the Armenians, however allowing such person to utter such fabricated claims at this sombre occasion is quite unfortunate especially when Kurds themselves have been victims of genocide by their neighbours and oppressive states.

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