In Pictures: Meeting with the Canadian Defence Minister, Mr. Jason Kenney


On March 20, 2015, at the request of the Office of Canada’s Defence Ministry, a delegation of Canadian Kurds from all parts of Kurdistan met the Minister, Mr. Jason Kenney.

At the meeting, the Member of Parliament  for Mississauga-Streetsville, Mr. Brad Butt was also present.  So far, Brad has made several visits to Kurdistan Region in Iraq, and he continues to advocate for stronger Kurdistan-Canada relation and cooperation.

I also attended the meeting where for my part, I briefed the Minister on the situation in the region.  I emphasized to the Minister the role Canada can play in pressuring Turkey to abandon ties with the Islamist groups such as ISIS and other terrorist groups.  I also noted that Canada can play an instrumental role in pressuring Turkey to treat its Kurds with dignity and respect as equal citizens.  Canada, in turn, must de-list Kurdistan Workers’ Party unfairly designated as a terrorist organization by the Government of Canada.

I also added that Canada should continue supporting the Peshmarga forces and directly arm the Kurds in their fight against ISIS.  Many heavy weaponry that end up in Baghdad will be either stored or given to Iran’s Revolutionary Guards.

I also reminded the Minister that Canada should not coordinate its war on ISIS with the Islamic regime in Iran, nor should it share any intelligence with the regime.  I warned the Minister of Iran’s increasing role in the region, and the grave threat that the Kurdistan Region faces in the hands of the Iranian IRGC and Iran-backed Shia militias in Iraq.

I shared with the Minister our concern for a more prudent policy vis-a-vis the freedom-loving people of Iran, the opposition, and those who flee the persecution of this barbaric regime.  I reiterated, once more, my support for Canada’s policy towards the regime, however, I reminded the Minister that Canada needs to help the people of Iran realize their long-held dream of a free and democratic Iran.

Finally, I discussed the ‘inadmissibility’ problem facing many Kurdish refugees who have fled Iranian regime’s persecution, awaiting in countries such Turkey to be resettled in a third country .  Though, not his area of responsibility, the Minister acknowledged inadmissibility loopholes within the Canadian immigration system, given the many years he was the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Canada.


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