Despite Government Threats, Iranian Kurds Celebrated Newroz


23 Mar 2010 – Medya News – The Kurdish people of Iran poured into the streets of Iranian Kurdistan cities to celebrate this national festivities of Newroz, or New Year. 

These celebrations are despite the threats and intimidation by Iranian Islamic officials to prevent people from participating in these festivities.

According to eye-witnesses and reports from Kurdistan News Agnecy, widespread gathering were seen in the cities of Mahabad, Sardasht, Piranshar, Sanandaj, Urumieh, Diwabdareh, Bokan and other major cities.

In most of these demonstartions, people set up large flames as part of the New Year festivities despite warnings from the security forces that such participation will result in punishments.

The Iranian regime had warned Iranians not to come out into the streets on this year’s new year, fearing that such occasions could be used by Iranian opposition forces against the regime.

‘Nowruz’ comes from two words, now(or a similar term, such as ‘nau’ or ‘nav’, with the sounds ‘n’ and ‘v’ or ‘w’), meaning new in Persian, Kurdish, Dari, Avestan, Sanskrit and several other related Indo-European in fact, the English ‘new’, the German ‘neu’, the French ‘nouveau’ are intimately related to the Indo-Iranian ‘nav’, and roz or ruz orroj , meaning day in Middle Persian, Persian and Kurdish languages.

The word ‘Newroz’ is Kurdish for ‘Nowruz’. The Kurds celebrate this feast between 18th till 21 March. It is one of the few ‘people’s celebrations’ that has survived and predates all the major religious festivals. The holiday is considered by Kurds to be the single most important holiday of every year.

With this festival Kurds gather into the fairgrounds mostly outside the cities to welcome spring. Women wear colored dresses and spangled head scarves and young men wave flags of green, yellow and red, the colors of the Kurdish people. They hold this festival by lighting fire and dancing around it.

The main Kurdish greeting that accompanies the festival is Newroz pîroz be!literally translating to Holy Newroz, or, simply, Happy Newroz!. Another greeting used is, Bijî Newroz!,simply meaning Long live Newroz!

Newroz is still largely considered as a potent symbol of Kurdish identity in all the modern countries that occupy Kurdistan, notably, Turkey, Iran, Iraq and Syria.  In recent years the Newroz celebration gathers around 1 million participants in Diyarbakır, the biggest city of the Kurdish dominated Southeastern Turkey.   The Iranian Islamic government prohibits Kurds and other groups in Iran – celebrating the event – to celebrate the festivities publicly fearing the turn up of millions of people on the streets which normally results in expression of frustration against the authorities especially among the Kurds who make up 15% of Iran’s population.


Newroz Demonstrations in Iranian Kurdistan
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    i luv u people of kurdish
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