Freedom House: Iran, world’s worst abuser of internet freedom



U.S.-based rights watchdog says Internet freedom around the world has deteriorated for the fourth consecutive year, with the steepest declines in Russia, Ukraine, and Turkey.

In its “Freedom On The Net 2014″ report, released on December 4, Freedom House says that Iran, Syria, and China are the world’s worst abusers of overall Internet freedom.

The report, which covers the period between May 2013 and May 2014, assesses the level of Internet and digital-media freedom in 65 countries, with each receiving a score from 0 for the most free to 100 for the least free.

It says that of the 65 countries assessed, 36 have experienced negative trends since May 2013.

Based on the scores, the report ranks countries as free (0-30 points), partly free (31-60 points), or not free (61-100 points).

According to the report Iran ranked 156 out of 192 countries for internet speed and has the lowest average peak connection speed in the world.

“The Iranian authorities continued to restrict access to tens of thousands of websites in 2014, particularly those of international news sources, the opposition, ethnic and religious minorities, and human rights groups. According to a member of the Committee to Determine Instances of the Criminal Contents (CDICC), an average of 1,500 websites with content considered anti-Islamic are filtered every month.” the report said.

Source: Watchdog Says World Internet Freedom In Decline

“Freedom On The Net 2014″  Iran country report


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