TEV-DEM and ENKS from Rojava visited PDKI


TEV-DEM and ENKS from Syrian Kurdistan Visited PDKI

from pdki.org

On October 26, a joint delegation representing TEV-DEM and ENKS from Syrian Kurdistan visited the PDKI’s headquarters to discuss recent progress made with respect to Kurdish unity. PDKI’s leader Mustafa Hijri received the delegation.

Mr. Hijri praised their efforts toward unity and expressed PDKI’s support for the Kurds in Syria in pursuit of Kurdish national rights and democracy.

The delegation of Kurdish politicians from Syrian Kurdistan consisted of members of National Council of Syrian Kurdistan (ENKS), headed by Tahir Sefok, and Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM), headed by Aldar Xelil. Mustafa Hijri and other members of PDKI’s leadership received the delegation at the party’s headquarters in Koya, Iraqi Kurdistan.

Various Kurdish organizations and parties from Syrian Kurdistan recently met in Duhok in Iraqi Kurdistan to reach unity. Efforts toward unity have accelerated following attacks by the terrorist group Islamic State (IS) against the Kurdish city of Kobane.

PDKI leader Mustafa Hijri praised recent efforts by organizations and political parties in Syrian Kurdistan to achieve unity and congratulated them on the progresses made in that regard.

The delegation informed the PDKI leadership that their vision is the creation of an inclusive political administration as well as a common military defense force in Syrian Kurdistan. The delegation from Syrian Kurdistan sought the political advice and support of the PDKI in achieving their goals.

“We hope that you [the political and military forces of Syrian Kurdistan] will prevail against the adversaries and enemies of the Kurdish people and that the unity you have achieved will persist,” Mr. Hijri told the ENKS and TEV-DEM delegation.

PDKI has for years called for unity and a serious commitment to an inclusive democratic process in Syrian Kurdistan in order to preserve and expand the gains the Kurds in Syrian Kurdistan have made.

PDKI has maintained good relations with a number of democratic organizations and parties in Syrian Kurdistan and has supported them in every way possible.


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