Islamic State’s Hypocrite at the UN debating racism


Sharif Behruz

On September 23, 2014, Human Rights Council debated the issues of racism, racial discrimination, xenophobia and related forms of intolerance in follow-up to and implementation of the Durban Declaration and Programme of Action.

The Islamic State of Iran’s hypocritical representative went on the offensive and lambasted number of Muslim countries involved in racist practises against fellow Muslims and minorities, except its own.  Watch Mohammad Zareian, the regime speaker’s speech below:

This ideological regime has been in power in Iran for over 35 years.  Every year since its inception, the regime has been vetted at various UN levels and bodies for gross human rights violations, discrimination and racism.

Unfortunately, racist and discriminatory policies and practices against national and religious groups have been entrenched into the culture and system in this country dating back to the Monarchist regime in 1920s with unprecedented acceleration during the last 35 years of Islamist rule.

Teimoor Aliasi, a Kurdish human rights campaigner also spoke at this session (video below) and appealed to the Council and the Special Rapporteur on the Situation of Human Rights in Islamist Iran to single out the regime for its racist and genocidal policies and practices against Kurds and other oppressed nationalities and religious minorities.

This regime was founded on hypocritical ideology and by deceitful people; the speech by this regime lunatic proves that nothing has changed since its inception to expect miracles from this medieval regime.  If the regime’s past records of brutalities and atrocities and all the the reports below (tip of the iceberg) do not mount to racism and discrimination in Iran against national and religious groups, then what would:

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