#ISIS #Iran ‘s Islamic Republic, the main source of terror in the region


35 years ago today the Islamic Republic of Iran declared Jihad or holy war against Kurdistan and the Kurdish people in Iran.  As the regime rampage started in 1979 against the burgeoning Kurdish resistance movement in Iran, the world knew little about the threat of ISIS or ISIL then or paid little or no attention.  Fortunately, today Kurdistan and the Kurdish people are not alone as IS terrorists do the same in Iraq and Syria against our people.

It is about time that the West look to the Kurdish people in Iran to fight the real and original Islamic State, the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Joint statement by PDKI and Komala on Khomeini’s declaration of Jihad against the Kurdish people

The Pulitzer Prizes: Iranian photographer Jahangir Razmi to receive award for his iconic 1979 firing squad photo.

On the Margins: Arrest, Imprisonment and Execution of Kurdish Activists in Iran Today

Life and Death: Survivor Accounts from Iran’s Kurdish Regions Post-Revolution

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