Vienna Kurds suspected murderer Sahraroudi is touring Europe


Authorities idle despite international arrest warrant

October 10, 2013


Mohammad Jafari Sahraroudi, seated in the middle is the main suspect behind the 1989 assassination of PDKI leader A. R. Ghassemlou. This photo was taken at the IPU meeting where the Iranian parliamentary delegation also attended, including Sahraroudi as the advisor to the Iranian Parliament speaker , Ali Larijani.

Vienna (OTS) – The main suspect of the murder of Kurds in Vienna in July 1989, Mohammad Jafari Sahraroudi, was part of the Iranian delegation at a meeting of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in Geneva this week (7th-9th October 2013.).

An international arrest warrant remains against Sahraroudi for the assassination of then the General Secretary of the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI), Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou, and his aides in Vienna, which the Swiss authorities are well aware of.

The delegation traveled from Geneva to Zagreb/Croatia, where Sahraroudi is probably staying now.

Hiwa Bahrami, representative of PDKI in Austria and Germany, stated: “We as the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan, call upon the Austrian, Swiss, and Croatian governments, to take immediate action and arrest Sahraroudi.”

In recent decades, Iranian regime terrorists were able to wonder around Europe at will, and return to Iran without any consequences. In 1989, even Austrian police accompanied Sahraroudi to the Schwechat Airport and escorted him back to Iran. In order not to jeopardize relations with the Iranian regime, regrettably, only in one case, the murderers of Iranian opposition leaders (Berlin Mykonos Murder of 1992) were brought before a court.

“We therefore appeal to the governments in Austria, Switzerland and Croatia not to remain dormant and ensure justice! Europe must not be an accomplice to the Iranian regime’s crimes. With the arrest of Sahraroudi, Europe could be a step forward against international terrorism; most importantly, this will put to hold the Iranian state terrorism and might prevent the Iranian regime from further terrorist attacks on European soil in the future.” Bahrami added.


Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan

Press Release

Contact:Mag Hiwa BAHRAMI
representative of PDKI in Germany and Austria
Tel: +43676510 22 27 hiwa.bahrami



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