Known terrorist Sahraroodi accompanies Iranian delegation to IPU


sahraroodiThe known terrorist Mohammad Jafari Sahraroodi, who was responsible for the assassination of the Kurdish leader Dr. Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou, is accompanying Iran’s official delegation to the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU) in Geneva, which ends today October 9. Sahraroudi is currently the chief of staff and advisor to Ali Larijani, head of the Iranian Majlis (parliament).

Sahraroudi was a member of the Iranian delegation that was supposed to negotiate a peace treaty with the Democratic Party of Iranian Kurdistan (PDKI) and its leader at the time, Dr. Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou, in Vienna, Austria in the summer of 1989. But the Iranian delegation opened fire on the Kurdish delegation and killed Dr. Ghassemlou and the PDKI’s representative in Europe Abdullah Ghaderi Azar and Fazil Rassoul. The Iranian delegation consisted of Mohammed Jafar Sahraroudi, Hadji Moustafawi and Amir Mansur Bozorgian.

On 13the of July 1989, in the very room where the negotiation took place, Dr. Ghassemlou was killed by three bullets fired at very close range. Ghaderi Azar was hit by eleven bullets and Rassoul by five. Hadji Moustafawi escaped the scene but Amir Mansur Bozorgian was arrested, but was released after 24 hours in police custody due to pressure from the Austrian government, he took refuge in the Iranian Embassy and later left Austria on a diplomatic passport. Mohammad Jafar Sahraroudi was accidentally shot by hiss fellow terrorists and was taken to hospital. After being questioned he was also released due to pressure from the Austrian government.

Austrian police issued an international arrest warrant for the three Iranian terrorists on December 22, 1989, long after they had left the country. The arrest warrant, which is still valid today, could be used to arrest Sahraroudi during the IPU in Geneva.


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