Kurdish women protest public humiliation in feminine outfit


Sharif Behruz

mariwan_women_protest2A judge in one of Iran’s Kurdish province punished an individual by forcing him to wear the feminine traditional Kurdish outfit in public in a bid to humiliate him, a local news agency reported on Tuesday.

According to a statement by three civil society groups active in the city of Mariwan, “a dispute between two families that landed in the court found one of the parties guilty and the presiding judge ordered the man to be dressed in red Kurdish feminine dress in public.”

The Kurdpa News Agency added that the convict, named Tofigh Dabashi was forced to walk the city streets on Monday while wearing the dress after a court verdict was issued hours earlier.

A day following this disgraceful act, hundreds of Kurdish women in the city of Marivan marched to protest the decision they described as a disgraceful act by the court and the presiding judge.

The Association of Kurdish Women in Mariwan organized peaceful demonstrations and women that took part wore the red Kurdish dresses out of respect for their traditional costume. They also chanted slogans that condemned the “insulting policies” against Kurdish society in Iran.

According to one eye-witness, security and anti-riot forces attacked the protesters with several women protesters being severely injured.

“This means of punishment is degrading to women in general and specifically Kurdish women,” Al-Arabiya reported quoting one of the protesters.

Apparently, Marivan‘s Judicial court had delivered a similar judgement earlier this month against three other convicts.

This story went viral after many social media portals such as Facebook reported the news and footages of the women march.  In support of women protesters and out of respect for Kurdish women, many male activists have posed in Kurdish female clothes on their profiles.







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