A mysterious Iranian-run factory in Germany

A mysterious Iranian-run factory in Germany
17 Apr

-Not so mysterious, given the European and especially German cozyness with the Iranian regime in the last 3 decades.

-I bet the Canadian-Iranian man in the story can easily come and go between Iran and Canada, and the Canadian government has done nothing about it.

-Iran owns a factory making these sensitive parts in Germany, how many of these companies this rogue state owns in Venezuela, Africa and Middle East and else where.

-How long more do we have to wait for another North Korea to slip off our hands.


By  and Published: April 15

Washington Post

IRANFACTORY151365538878DINSLAKEN, Germany — For years, mystery surrounded an Iranian-­controlled factory tucked away in this town of 70,000 in Germany’s industrial west.

The plant manufactured high-pressure gas tanks, but its managers seemed uninterested in making a profit. Potential investors were turned away. An expensive piece of machinery — precise enough to produce components for centrifuges and missiles — sat idle after a failed attempt to ship it to Iran. Finally, the factory, MCS Technologies, closed its doors late last month.

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