Happy Passover – Pesach Sameah


550px-Say-Happy-Passover-in-Hebrew-Step-3Jewish communities in Israel and across the globe are preparing for Passover (Pesach) which coincides with the Christian Easter and traditional Zorashtian celebration of Newroz and Sezdebeder celebrated by many people in the  Middle East, including the Kurds.

Passover (Pesach) lasts for eight days and many Jewish people mark Passover with family members and close friends.

Many people spend Passover with family and close friends. They may spend more time at their local synagogue and eat some meals with members of their community. Those who may find it difficult to organize Passover observances are invited to other people’s homes for some or all of the Passover period.

Passover is marked to commemorate the Exodus, the liberation of Jews from 400-year slavery. That Biblical event occurred almost 3.5 thousand years ago when Moses liberated his people from Egyptian captivity.

Pockets of Jews of Kurdish and Persian origin still live outside the borders of State of Israel.  Many Jewish of Kurdish origin had migrated to Israel in the 1950s, and currently the Kurdish Jewish population in Israel is over 150,000, with the largest concentration in and around Jerusalem.

I convey my warmest wishes to all those celebrating Passover around the world.

Happy Passover!

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