Agents of the Ayatollahs CASMII’s Links to the Iranian Regime

Agents of the Ayatollahs CASMII’s Links to the Iranian Regime
04 Mar

With the 34th anniversary of the Islamic Revolution having just passed, one can debate whether Iran’s revolution was at any stage a
democratic one, or if it was doomed to culminate in tyranny from the start. What is beyond debate, however, is that the chain of events that began in 1979 ultimately ravaged a country of ancient civilisation, inflicting an unparalleled era of barbarism and misery on a proud people, and destabilised the entire Middle East in the process.

Every dictatorship needs henchmen, both inside and outside its borders, in order to remain in power. In the case of the Islamic Republic, many of those external henchmen are to be found in the Campaign Against Sanctions & Military Intervention in Iran (CASMII), where they lobby tirelessly on behalf of one of the most brutal regimes of our time. This Stop the Bomb report is therefore every bit as valuable as it is timely.

It is timely because the cracks within the Iranian leadership are becoming increasingly visible as they rapidly widen in the run up to the presidential elections in June. The unprecedented economic and political pressure placed upon Tehran, which further exacerbates its internal political breakdown, is growing by the day. And with the democratic aspirations of the Iranian people rising inexorably from below, the sun may well be setting on the Islamic Republic.

Although CASMII has largely failed to deliver on the agenda set for them by the Ayatollahs – to lift the sanctions on their iron-fisted regime – they undoubtedly have made great advances in the realm of the media. For that reason, this Stop the Bomb report is not only instructive for politicians, diplomats and policy advisors, but for journalists as well.

Thanks to this report, Iranians inside and outside their homeland can see for themselves how CASMII, which claims to represent them, has let them down so ignominiously by shilling for a totalitarian system that is anathema to every single aspect of Iran’s rich and beautiful culture, trampling as it has over the universal values of human dignity, freedom, and democracy.

Saba Farzan is a German-Iranian journalist and a member of the Advisory Board of StandforPeace. She is Head of Iran Research at the Mideast Freedom Forum Berlin and Senior Fellow on Women’s Rights at the Institute for Middle Eastern Democracy.

Read the full report: Agents-of-the-Ayatollahs (PDF)

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