Speak up: Death sentence confirmed for five Ahwazi Arab activists


The Iranian supreme court has this week confirmed the death sentences of five Ahwazi Arab political activists from Khalafieh (Ramshir),according to the Ahwaz Human Rights Organisation.

Judge Sayed Mohammad Bagher Mosavi, the head of Branch 2 of the Ahwaz Revolutionary Court, sentenced the activists last July, following their conviction by a secret court of “enmity with God”, “corruption on Earth” and activities against national security.

The five facing imminent execution include:

  • Mohammad Ali Amouri Nejad, 33, a fisheries engineer arrested in February 2011
  • Hashem Shaabani, 31, married with one child, arrested in February 2011
  • Hadi Rashedi, 37, single with a post-graduate qualification in chemistry, arrested in February 2011
  • Jabar al-Boushokeh, 27, married with one child, employee of his father’s rock-grinding business and involved in social welfare activities, arrested in March 2011
  • Mokhtar al-Boushokeh, 25, who was one year into his military services and is the brother of Jabar al-Boushokeh.

The men are known to have undergone torture over a period of nine months while being held by the intelligence services. During this time, they were forced to confess to crimes and were denied access to legal representation.

Their sentences have been condemned by Amnesty International, the European Parliament, members of the British parliament, the German Foreign Ministry, the British Foreign Secretary, the US State Department and other international and Iranian human rights organisations.

Four other Ahwazi Arabs were sentenced to death in September:

  • Abdulreza Amir Khanafereh, son of Younes, 25 years old, single
  • Abdul Amir Mojadami, aged 32, married
  • Shahab Abbasi, son of Ahmad, aged 26, single
  • Ghazi Abbasi, son of Ahmad, aged 30, single

AHRO is appealing to the UK government to repeat its condemnation of the death sentences and the ongoing violent persecution of Ahwazi Arabs. It is also urging the British government to encourage the relevant Special Procedures of the Human Rights Council to allow the UN Special Rapporteur on Iran to visit the country.

Video: Iran’s execution campaign against Ahwazi Arabs

Source: http://www.ahwaziarabs.info/2013/01/death-sentence-confirmed-for-five.html

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