Executions of Kurdish Women in Paris Burn Deep

Executions of Kurdish Women in Paris Burn Deep
16 Jan

By Kani Xulam for the Huffington Post

Ever since three Kurdish women political activistswere murdered in Paris last week — shot in the head execution-style — my phone has been ringing off the hook from anxious loved ones. As a Kurd and the director of the American Kurdish Information Network (AKIN), I wish I could explain why these three advocates — who were so alive with the hopes of freedom, struggling for peace for their Kurdish sisters and brothers in the face of a repressive Turkish state — now lie icily cold and lifeless in a dreary French morgue.

Before their lives were cut down, these women were promoting the enduring Kurdish cause of basic human rights and dignity with their tongues and pens. I am trying to do the same in Washington, DC. One person who called me this week urged me to take extra precautions about my safety. Another person asked if I owned a gun for self-protection. My answer was that when it comes to the right to bear arms, I side with the non-violent efforts of Martin Luther King, Jr., whose birthday is today. Did Dr. King ever own a gun?

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