Kurdish prisoner, Mohammad Sadigh Kaboudvand is released on bail to visit family

Kurdish prisoner, Mohammad Sadigh Kaboudvand is released on bail to visit family
24 Dec

Iranian Kurdish human rights activist and defender and journalist, Mohammad Sadigh Kaboudvand was given a 6 day leave after more than 5 years in prison on a hefty bail of 700 million tomans ($200 – $300 hundred thousand dollars) to be with his family, especially his ailing son for only 6 days.


Mohammad Sadigh Kaboudvand, 47 years old, is a Journalist & Kurd and Human rights activist. He founded Group of “Alliance for Democracy in Iran” in 1996. He also, published a weekly issue named “Payam-e Mardom”.

After that, this Journalist and Human rights activist, founded a group for Human rights defenders named “Kurdistan Human Rights Organization”, that the goal was defending the rights of Kurds in Iran. He has done far-reaching efforts to defend the rights of Kurds in Iran.

Kaboudvand has educated in undergraduates; BS. Business Management and MS. finance. His education also remains unfinished at the graduate MS of international law.


Mohammad Sadigh Kaboudvand arrested by security agents on 1st July 2007. They imprisoned him for 5 months in solitary confinements in 209 & 240 prison wards of Evin. During this time, he was under severe psychological and physical pressure from security officials to make disbanded the Human Rights Organization of Kurdistan, and also to accept that have been wrong all of the published reports by this organization.

Sentences and Charges

The trial of journalist held on 25th May 2008 by 15th Branch of Revolutionary Court. Trial was held and closed based on the judges decided illegally. In July 2008 he was on trial in 15thBranch of Revolutionary Court on charges of “acting against national security through the establishment of the Kurdistan Human Rights Organization”, based on this court ruling was sentenced to 10 years in prison. He also was sentenced to one year in prison on charges of propaganda against system.

By 56th Branch of appeals court of Tehran province dropped The Journalist’s 11-year prison sentence from 11 years to 10 years and 6 months in prison. There was reduced his sentence only six months.

Follow up

Mohammad Sadigh Kaboudvand during imprisonment, suffered numerous physical problems and disease. The pressure on him during the arrest and also being in solitary confinement has put his health at serious risk. So that on 18th July 2010, Mohammad Sadigh Kaboudvand’s family announced about poor physical condition of this human rights activist and the possibility for his infract in a statement. Kaboudvand also asked for dispatch to a hospital about his physical condition by writing a letter to the Tehran prosecutor. This journalist was seized again In November 2010, due carelessness to his physical condition and the denial of his sick leave for treatment.

Kaboudvand is now in custody in 350th prison ward of Evin, which is the location of political prisoners.

That has been impossible to treat Kaboudvand due to refusal by the judicial authorities to grant him medical leave during the past three years. This also has increased his physical pressure, so that he was suffering a severe physical condition again on 27th November 2010. Despite these judicial and security authorities are prevented to leave him and move him out of jail for treatment yet.

One of the doctors in Health Department of Evin prison- who was examined Kaboudvand before- has announced that Kaboudvand should be surgery-operated for prostate and UA blood vessels. He has also mentioned in his medical report that Kaboudvand has no ability to endure imprisonment because of his acute illness condition.

Source: Human Rights House of Iran

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