Congrats to our colleague, Abdullah Hicab, for his election to the Presidency of UNPO

Congrats to our colleague, Abdullah Hicab, for his election to the Presidency of UNPO
14 Dec

Abdullah Hicab, PDKI representative to the Unrepresented Nations and Peoples Organization (UNPO), was elected to the Presidency of the UNPO during its 11th General Assembly in Geneva on November 30, 2012.

The UNPO, which by now has 70 members, promotes the human and cultural rights of unrepresented nations, peoples and minorities. The organization strives to find nonviolent solutions to conflicts within states affecting the nations and peoples lacking a voice in existing international organizations, such as the UN.

This year, Mr. Choephel Ngawang from Tibet was elected as the President of the UNPO. Mr. Daar Mohamoud from Somaliland was elected the Vice President of the organization. In addition, a new presidency was elected which consists of the following 9 members: Mr. Irakly Khintba (Abkhazia), Mr. Pieter Mulder (Afrikaners), Mr. Abduraman Egiz (Crimean Tatars), Mr. Dolkun Isa (East Turkestan), Mr. Biram Dah Abeid (Haratin), Mr. Abdullah Hicab (Iranian Kurdistan), Mr. Thach Thach (Khmer Krom), Ms. Humaira Rahman (Sindh) and Ms. Maysing Yang (Taiwan). According to its final statement, the UNPO outlined and adopted its working plan and policies for the coming 18 months.

In an interview with PUK Media, Abdullah Hicab stated that although he represents Iranian Kurdistan in the UNPO, his aim is to promote the Kurdish cause in all parts of Kurdistan. “In my efforts within the organization,” Mr. Hicab stressed, “I concentrate on the Kurdish issue in general.” The reason, he explained, is that “the fate of the Kurdish people is tightly linked as one nation and this is how other people perceive us as well.”

In the interview with PUK Media, Mr. Hicab outlined his vision for the future and expressed his commitment to the Kurdish cause in all parts of Kurdistan. Believing that the struggle for freedom, democracy, gender equality and the national rights of the Kurdish people are all interrelated and should be pursued simultaneously, Mr. Hicab emphasized the need to gain international support for the legitimate demands of the Kurdish nation.

Bio: Abdullah Hicab is from the city of Orumiya in Kurdistan. He joined the PDKI when he was a teenager. He moved to Norway in 1991. Mr. Hicab graduated from the University of Oslo, obtaining a master’s degree in political science. He has co-authored a book on human rights, entitled “An Introduction to Human Rights”, which was published in Kurdistan last summer. In other publications, Mr. Hicab has addressed such issues as national identity and contemporary social and political conditions in Kurdistan.

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