Iranian Dissidents Ask for U.S. Help

Iranian Dissidents Ask for U.S. Help
28 Jul

Ryan Mauro, speaking at the event commemorating the 23rd anniversary of Dr. A. R. Ghassemlou's assasniation

By Ryan Mauro

On July 13, a group of over 100 opponents of the Iranian regime crammed into a small conference room in McLean, V.A. to honor a Kurdish leader assassinated by the regime. The audience, mostly Kurds, was also there to explore a question that has been on their minds for years, even decades: Why won’t the U.S. help us overthrow a terror-sponsoring regime that supports its enemies?

The event honored Dr. Abdul Rahman Ghassemlou, an Iranian-Kurdish leader murdered by the regime’s agents in Vienna in 1989. It was put together by United Kurdish Youth for Human Rights, KurdCenter, the Leadership Council for Human Rights and Sara Akrami, founder and President of the Human Rights Association at York University. Akrami, a half-Kurdish Iranian, views the Kurds as an essential part of any organized opposition to the regime. Her activism, such as showing the film Iranium on campus, has earned her death threats. Thanks to the Institute on Religion and Democracy, I was able to speak at the event.

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