Beating and torture of the 5 prisoners sentenced to death in Oroumiyeh prison


KURDPA5 prisoners sentenced to death in Oroumiyeh prison have been severely beaten and tortured on the pretext of preventing them from jailbreak by officers and special guards of the prison.

According to HRANA, the official website of Human Rights Activists’ Society in Iran, Saeed Omran-Gilani, Paiman Ghaini, Manouchehr Dawoodi, Hashem Jahangirzadeh and Seeed Barmaziar, all sentenced to death and held in Oroumieh prison have been beaten with baton and tortured with electric shock following their relocation to the prison’s control section and solitary confinement on the pretext of jailbreak attempt.

According to same source, two of theses prisoners have ended up with broken legs and ribs following their ordeal and are under alarming physical condition; furthermore, not only they have been deprived of medical attention, but also they have been confined in solitary cells.
The above source also reported from the city of Oroumiyeh that Mahsa Mahdizadeh another human rights activist from Oroumiyeh has been sentenced to one year suspended prison, without appeal for 3 years, charged with propaganda against the Islamic Republic of Iran by the District One Revolutionary Court of Oroumiyeh.

Mahsa Mahdizadeh as a researcher and human rights activist was held in solitary in the Oroumiyeh Intelligence Ministry’s detention center for several weeks and was severely tortured and tormented.

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