Human rights violations in Iranian Kurdistan in the past 30 days


KURDPA: According to latest news and information received from Kurdistan and on-the-ground events in the Kurdish areas of Iran in the last month and all the evidences available show that the lack of any sense of civilian security and safety is wide-spread in all the Kurdish territories.

According to the available and reliable news and information, the Iranian Kurds have been confronted with horrible and unfavourable treatments such as “direct assault resulting in the death of Kurdish border workers, arrests and disappearances, mine explosions, suicides and in general a psychological onslaught, fear and anxiety are the dominant sentiment in all the cities of Kurdistan.

In the last month, several incidents of mine explosion, killing of border workers, suicide and mysterious killing of citizens in various forms have taken place in the cities, territories and villages of Iranian Kurdistan that have become the headlines of many media outlets focusing on the region.

Mine explosion, a common occurrence in Kurdistan:
Mine explosions and incidents in Iranian Kurdistan, particularly in border regions have become an ordinary occurrence where in the last month five defenceless civilians have fallen victim to this man-made plague.

Killing on-foot merchants, a border incubus
Despite the extrajudicial killings and the indiscriminate shooting of the Kurdish border workers by the security forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran, recorded as the region’s most horrible episodes, Iranian Kurds are forced to choose this dangerous means of living as there are no opportunities for employment in the Kurdish areas. Just in the last month alone, 3 people have lost their lives due to the indiscriminate attacks of the repressive security forces in the borders on the on-foot merchants who carry goods on their back across the border.

Lack of personal security and mysterious killings
According to available information and data of incidents in Kurdistan, the lack of personal security and fear of being killed has eclipsed the civilian livelihood in the Kurdish areas. Abductions and subsequent disappearances in different areas and in various and mysterious forms befall Kurdish residents, where in the same period 3 people were mysteriously killed. Sadly, these targets fall further victim to the intentional negligence and lack of legal proceedings against perpetrators.

Iran’s Kurdish regions are among the highest rate of suicide
Ill-natured social trends are also the main causes of upheaval in Kurdish society; lack of opportunities, poverty and financial despair are among the chief reasons of suicides among the Kurdish population in Iran, where 5 people took their own lives in the last 30 days.

Kurdish workers and lack of job security
Kurdish labourers, as the most hardworking and underprivileged segment of society, constantly struggle with the intricacy of life and work. Aside from low wages and poor working conditions, there are no safeguards due to lack of job security and employment benefits. Work incidents have taken the lives of 5 Kurdish workers in the last month as well.

Statistics tell the truth
According to the data recorded by our news agency, KURDPA, and other information sent to us, aside from the arrest of 29 Kurdish individuals, overall 20 people have become victims of various incidents which are as follow:
29 individuals have been arrested and imprisoned for various offences whom are mostly political and civilian activists; their combined sentences are 68 years in prison, 2 months in exile and 8 years of suspended imprisonment.
Without a doubt, the accurate figures of arrest, killings and other occurrences in the last month are well above and beyond these statistics; however, due to lack of presence of any independent media and independent human rights observers in the Kurdish areas, most incidents remain uncovered and unreported.

Unanswered questions:
- why are so many horrifying incidents happening in Iranian Kurdistan within a single month?
– why Kurdistan has become the focal attention of human rights violators in Iran, unparalleled to any other region and against any other people in Iran?
-How come deprived and unprivileged Kurds, despite quite certain of all the consequences, embark on the dangerous business of carrying goods on their back across the border in the middle of shivering cold and winter to bring bread on the table of their family, and despite the recurrence of tragedies they carry on? What pushes these good-carrying workers to brazen out death? Why no legal proceeding have been ever carried out against any of the perpetrators of these crimes, and which international law permits border guards to open fire upon border crossers indiscriminately with the intention of causing harm and death?
-what are the causes of poverty in Kurdistan, and what has instigated the alarming suicide trend in Kurdistan?

Source: Kurdpa

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