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Petition Demanding the United Nations Credentials Committee to Reject the Credentials of the Representatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran

In view of the similarities , and the ever worsening situation of gross and systematic violations of human rights and fundamental freedoms in Iran today, to that of the South African gross violations of human rights ,before 1992, we therefore … Continue reading

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Two Opposing Perspectives on Iran’s Ethnic Groups

Although the regime has been able to contain the Green Movement for its part, the debate over this movement and its direction still dominates much of the media frenzy about Iran.  As the Middle East Institute hosted an event to … Continue reading

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Middle East Institute Will Host Iranian Kurdish Experts

26 Feb 2010 – Medya News – As part of its study of the region, the Middle East Institute (MEI) has scheduled to host three Iranian Kurdish experts to discuss Iranian Kurds past, present and future within Iran.  The event … Continue reading

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Week Review in Action: Show of Force in Washington

Iran being one of the most discussed topic in 2009 and likely 2010 as well, its international defiance and its internal disarray, has prompted a number of prominent centres and scholars to hold important meetings on Iran’s future.  Aside from … Continue reading

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